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Body Health Therapies works with event organisers across the country to provide massage treatments for events, seminars, open days, endurance events pre and post-event massage. We supply therapy staff for all types of events and competitions.

Wellbeing / Away days

Charity & Sports Events

Festival / Shows / Expos


Endurance major events



Health days, work, school office or corporate wellbeing events are common to show staff their appreciation and show their value and support. Many health and wellbeing days are giving back to staff providing an experience because they deserve to be treated for their good work and the importance of a healthy workforce to help reduce stress at work and boost morale 

If you want to offer your staff massage and therapeutic treatments we can supply any size team of therapists at your office, school, venue or hotel. We can provide for the whole day or a few hours of your choice. We can plan the day with you or produce a plan of the day with other therapies to provide a holistic, wellbeing day.

Charity events

We help to plan your event and work with your requirements. Budgets are always a concern and we understand so we are reasonable and competitive with our quotes.

We will supply a therapy team of any size to meet your budget and needs.  For post-race reception massage, we can supply the therapists and admin support if required.

On the day we can supply massage therapists, massage tables and equipment for the day indoors or outside. If you only require therapy staff and you supply your own equipment we can do that as well.

 We have experience supplying small and large teams of therapist for charities at London Marathon, Vitality 10k, Landmark half, Prudential Ride London, Royal Parks Half, Great North Run and many more.

We work with charities and event organisers to provide therapists for charity fundraisers to have a well-deserved post-race massage or pre-massage.

Festivals/ shows

There are large and small festivals around the country and our team can supply therapists for fitness, dance, health, music and sports festivals.

If you need 2 or up to 15 therapists for a festival we can help you.

We have supplied therapists for running festivals and sports festivals.

We have worked at the Move it dance show, Richmond running festival – Runfest   and Triathlon Expo

If you are putting on a music show or dance/ yoga festival we can provide massage for the public, customers and performers.

Endurance major events

We have experience supplying small and large teams (5 – 20 therapists) of therapist for charities and event organisers at London Marathon, Vitality 10k, Landmark Half, Prudential Ride London, Royal Parks Half, Great North Run and many more.

We work with charities and event organisers to provide therapists for charity fundraisers to have a well-deserved post-race massage or pre-massage.

Our events service can accommodate your requirements and any endurance and major events. We can supply and cater to your needs.  We have supplied therapists and teams for the London Triathlon and Blenheim Palace Triathlon and many more.

Our therapists range from students newly qualified to experienced massage therapists, sports therapists, and physiotherapists. We can offer qualified experienced therapists for your event.

We work with you and manage the planning and set up of the day organise all the therapists. 

For competition and tournaments, we help get athletes ready for events, assess for injuries, and    provide onsite treatments and look after athletes with warm-up for their event and provide relief   for tired aching muscles 

Event videos

Sports Events

We provide therapists for the following Major Sports Events:


We worked with the following charities:


We aslso provide therapists for hen parties and seminars.

Please get in touch with us if you are interested.

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Alistair Hills
Alistair Hills
British Heart Foundation

Florence and Body Health therapies were a pleasure to work with in the lead up to our event and on the day they were friendly, efficient and extremely well received by our participants – thank

Chris Ward
Chris Ward
Prince's Trust , Palace to Palace Bike Ride

Excellent!!! Overall it’s a fantastic service which received really good feedback in our survey from the pax

Purple Patch Running

Many thanks to Bodyhealththerapies for stepping in at the last minute to provide massage to our runners at the Stockley Park 10k this Sunday!

Clayton Payne
AJ Bell Triathlon and Bloodwise Blenheim Palace

Provided a friendly and professional service at our Triathlons