Tel:07494 416758
Address:Suite 108, ground floor Oceanair House ,
750- 760  High road leytonstone,  E11 3BB


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What we Do.......

We provide Massage and Soft Tissue Therapy

"pain should only be a state of mind, not an everyday ache in peoples lives"

I am passionate about the health of the body and how everyday pains and aches has an impact on our lives. I am motivated to help relieve people in pain, and reduce  their aches, stress, tension and injuries and be pain free through massage and soft tissue therapy.

As a Massage and Soft Tissue Therapist I have overcome pain and health problems through adopting a healthier lifestyle, using manual therapies and  participating in regular exercise .Through my days as a netballer , taking part in sport, fitness competitions, keep fit and being a regular member of gyms I used manual and soft tissue therapies to ease and relieve, aches and pains.

As a therapist I help people that are in pain.I help people that want to reduce stress and tension work and daily life brings. I help athletes, runners and cyclists competing and training for an event major or beginner. I help and work with individuals , groups, corporate and major companies. My therapists that work with me share the same passion and the same drive.
Bodyhealththerapies provides one to one treatments , corporate , office , club  and event massage, event opportunities and new experiences for students and qualified therapists.
We are based in East London providing services in and around London and the south east region, with a treatment clinic in:
Suite 108 , Ground Floor  Oceanair House 
750 - 760 high road, leytonstone
 E11  3BB

What we Offer... 

  • Therapeutic massage to relieve aches and pains
  • Relief from the stress of work, giving you the ability to unwind and relax the mind and body
  •  treatments designed  to support  and help  people with medical conditions,an injury, and sport injuries 
  • The officer worker,Athlete or sports person one-off treatments or treatment plans
  • working in an organisation, school  and company onsite sessions
  • Special discounts and packages

What we Provide.... 

  • Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Pregnancy 
  • Post Natal  Massage

  • Hot Stone
  • Sports Massage
  • Remedial Soft Tissue Therapy

  • Team packages
  • Pre and post event or competition package at events and matches
  • Club contracts 

  • Professional therapists for events
  • Event massage service for  Clubs, Organisations, Charities, or businesses hosting an event, competition, seminar, or Open day.

  • Professional therapists for  Office massage 
  • Seminars, conferences
  • Away day Packages


Is your aches and pains  taking over your life? Are you struggling with bad posture and daily aches?

Remedial  massage  and  Sports massage   treat the following:
  • Acute and chronic conditions 
  • Arthritis
  • Fibromyaliga
  • Low back pain & neck pain 
  • Shoulders, hips and knees strain or injury 
  •  Aches & pains -  from  office work  and manual labour upper back and shoulders, stiff neck & low back
  • Sports and accident injuries
  • Muscle and tendon strains, ligament sprain